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If you wish to make a monetary donation to Saskatoon Dog Rescue, please click the Donate button below

Being we are a not for profit rescue ran completely by volunteers, you can rest assured that 100% of your donation goes towards medical care, food and general supplies for the dogs in our care!
Please make cheques out to Saskatoon Dog Rescue.

If you prefer to send a cheque or money order you can send a donation through the mail at:

Saskatoon Dog Rescue
234 St.Laurent cres
Saskatoon, SK
S7L 4W9

Stay tuned for updates on our sponsor-a-dog program! 
Coming soon!
Saskatoon Dog Rescue is looking for food! 

We love to bring in as many dogs and puppies as possible and that means we have more mouths to feed! We will accept any brand of food but we are especially fond of Kirkland and Horizon!

If you have anything you would like to donate please email our supplies coordinator at sdrsupplies@hotmail.com

We thank everyone for your caring donations!


  Wish List:

  • - Horizon or Kirkland Dog Food/Puppy Food
  • -Puppy Pee Pads
  • -Chew Toys, Training Toys
  • - Dog Treats
  • - Dog Beds
  • - Leashes & Collars
  • Kennels/Crates/Ex-pens


Every cent we receive goes directly towards medical care for our rescue dogs. We are completely run by volunteers, which means you will not be paying for anyone's salary.

We also do not euthanize any of the rescues in our care. This means no matter what medical issues a dog may have, we do everything in our power to fix it. 

Here is an example of exactly where your money would be going:

Meet Steel, a retired sled dog that was brought to our rescue from Northern Saskatchewan after being hit by a car and left on the side of the road. His owners at the time did not want him back as his injury was an "inconvenience". Prior to his injury, he spent life outside, on a chain, where children would constantly physically abuse him. The abuse became evident after a visit to the vet where sores and wounds were found underneath his fur. As you can see in the picture, his right eye had severe damage and he appeared to be newly blind in it. Steel also had extremely severe demodex mange which caused irritation and inflammation to his stomach, ears and legs. 

Steel was put into a loving foster home where he, for the first time in his life, had a warm bed to sleep in and regular meals. Although he was rocky at the beginning with his training, he improved with each week until he became a house and kennel trained dog!

Things were looking up for Steel when a young couple put in an adoption application for him at one of our adoption events. Everything appeared to be going well until it was discovered during his neuter that Steel was suffering from advanced kidney disease. Dr. Domoslai from Corman Park Veterinary Services had discussed with us the different options for Steel's medical care regarding the subject. He was placed on a special diet along with medications that will help prolong his life. Depending on how quickly the disease develops, he may not live for his full life span. Surprisingly, the people that had put in an application for Steel decided to go through with the adoption despite all of this!

Steel is now living in a home with his sister, Lexi and two amazing adoptive parents! He could not be in better hands and we are so happy that this tough guy was able to make it through everything for this amazing outcome!

Steel is a direct example of the dogs that we save year round. Without your generous support and donations we would not be able to help dogs like Steel! Consider donating today!