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We are a foster-based rescue run completely by volunteers devoted to rescuing animals across Saskatchewan since August, 2012.

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs within Saskatoon and surrounding areas. We work closely with other rescue organizations, as well as communities where there is limited to no resources for animals. We believe that every animal has the right home awaiting them, and that it is our responsibility to ensure they find that home!

Many of our rescues come in as strays from poor living conditions or over-flowing shelters. We take the time to assess each animal both mentally and physically before putting them up for adoption. Once the animal has been assessed, we place them into a foster home that is the best fit for him/her. They then receive the appropriate medical care as well as training until they are suitable for adoption.

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Approx 9 months old
Male Lab mix

Elegant in ebony, tenderhearted Tucker percolates with puppy-like playfulness, energy and enthusiasm. Eager to please and easy to teach, he’s as active as he is affectionate, as curious as he is cuddly, and wants only to love and be loved. Equally content with bones, toys and naps, he already knows "come", "sit" and "shake a paw", responds quickly to corrections, and is honing his doggy manners. Now what this charming companion needs is a patient and loving home to continue his education and keep him mentally stimulated and physically satisfied fur-ever. If this is your home, please fill out an application

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We Wouldn't be able to save as many lives as we do, without our amazing supporters and partner companies. We can't thank you enough!