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About Us

Saskatoon Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 and is dedicated to the rescue of neglected, abandoned and unwanted dogs across the province. The rescue is run by a board of volunteers and operates through a network of foster homes. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs within Saskatoon and surrounding areas. We work closely with other rescue organizations, as well as communities where there is limited to no resources for animals. We believe that every animal has the right home awaiting them, and that it is our responsibility to ensure they find that home!

What We Do

Many of our rescues come in as strays from poor living conditions or over-flowing shelters. We take the time to assess each animal both mentally and physically before putting them up for adoption. Once the animal has been assessed, we place them into a foster home that is the best fit for him/her. They then receive the appropriate medical care as well as training until they are suitable for adoption.


Our foster homes care for SDR dogs around the clock!  Behind the scenes we have a group of dedicated volunteers who organize events, take dogs to the vet, facilitate adoptions, and much much more!

Medical Case of the Month

Mavis went in for a routine spay and when the vet opened her up we were quite surprised to find out she was pregnant; with her due date being in approximately two weeks. Mavis was closed up and sent back to her foster home to have her puppies. On March 15th Mavis was taken into the U of S as she appeared quite lethargic and non responsive. Mavis had to have an emergency C-Section and only 2 out of 6 of her puppies were able to be revived. Mavis's surgery and emergency care was quite costly and ended up being between $2,000-$3,000.

Longest Adoptable Dog

Patches is such a sweet, gentle and well behaved dog. As he has spent most of his life living with no other pets, Patches will bark at first but is quick to settle after a sniff. In his foster home Patches is adjusting quite well to living with other pets (dog and cats). Patches enjoys going for walks, playing with toys in the backyard, and relaxing on the couch with some belly rubs of course! Patches is house trained. Additionally, he has not been in a kennel for about three years. As Patches is a bit of a barker, he may intimidate younger kids. Families with older kids (10-12+) would be best!

Dog parks, specifically off leash dog parks, are overstimulating for Patches. He will bark at fellow dogs.

Patches is an awesome dog and will be an excellent addition to a dog lovers home!

Our Partners

We wouldn't be able to save as many lives as we do without our amazing supporters and partner companies. We can't thank you enough!

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